Clint Dempsey was one year off from predicting his career trajectory in high school

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

U.S. international Clint Dempsey is coming off the best year of his career, scoring 23 goals in all competitions for Fulham and finishing as the Premier League's joint fourth best scorer (17 goals). It's a good time for reflection on all he's accomplished in his 29 years and a Twitter user helped him remember back to the days before he was an internationally known footballer by sharing an old yearbook picture and quote.

In the image, which Dempsey shared with his followers, a very confident looking, teenage Clint Dempsey at Nacogdoches High School in Texas responded to the question, "Where do you hope to be five years from now?" by saying, "Playing professional soccer in Europe."

After three years playing for Furman University and another three years playing for the New England Revolution in MLS, Dempsey fulfilled that dream in a still very impressive six years (hey -- he's a footballer, not a psychic). And when he looks back on all the hard work he's put into going from a small town in Texas to the Premier League, he probably smiled the exact same way he did in that picture.

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