Clarence Seedorf gets rare red card for ‘leaving pitch the wrong way’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

According to, Clarence Seedorf had played more than 800 matches over more than 20 years without ever getting a red card in his career (UPDATE: As DT reader @AbdulAlraddadi points out, Seedorf was actually sent off once before in a 2006 match between Milan and Messina). But that impressive streak came to an end just before the final whistle in Botafogo's 2-1 win against Madureira when he was booked twice for not leaving the pitch in a fashion the referee found suitable upon being substituted.

From Reuters:

On being substituted at the end, Seedorf, who scored the winning goal in the 68th minute, walked towards the Botafogo bench but was ordered by the referee to go off on the other side of the pitch to save time,

Seedorf protested, was booked, turned his back on the referee and was given another yellow card.

"I didn't understand anything," he told touchline reporters.

In the video above, you can see the time conscious referee point to the nearest touchline and pull out a yellow card when Seedorf doesn't follow his command. Seedorf then debates with him and eventually decides he's going to run to the farther side of the pitch (where the benches are) and the referee takes this act of rebellion as reason to run after him and show a second yellow and a red to the back of his head. Of all the ways to get sent off for the first time in your career at the age of 36, this was probably one of the most bizarre. But it's one more thing that Clarence Seedorf has done and most others haven't.

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