City signing Clichy wastes no time in prodding Man United fans

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Gael Clichy made the increasingly cliche move from Arsenal to Manchester City and, as if prompted to do so by his new club, he's already taking shots at Man United. When asked what he knows about the fans his first interview with Man City's official website, Clichy broke out the old line about how Man United fans aren't actually from Manchester. Said Clichy with a grin:

"I understand one thing is that people who live in Manchester are the true fans and they all from City. ... I won't be bothered by United fans."

That sounds like a challenge to me.

Whether it's true or not isn't so much the point, though. This is yet another example of City poking their neighbors as they continue to grow stronger. And with Carlos Tevez now demanding a transfer away from the club, perhaps this is also an attempt by Clichy to become the replacement for Tevez's "Welcome to Manchester" billboard.