Chris Kamara has no idea what's happening, finds this hilarious

Brooks Peck

Even if you've already seen this, it's impossible to get enough. Sky Sports' Soccer Saturday reporter Chris Kamara was on the scene for Portsmouth's match against Blackburn and when Pompey's Anthony Vanden Borre was sent off after being shown a second yellow card in the 60th minute, the crew in the studio threw it to Kamara for an update. Unfortunately, the former Swindon Town and Brentford player had no idea such an incident occurred and made no attempt to hide his baffled confusion.

After busting out laughing, Kamara meekly explains that he thought Vanden Borre was coming off for a substitute, then offers the not entirely helpful information that the match remained 0-0. Oh, Kammy.

More examples of Kamara's lovable goofiness right this way...

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