Chile's Mauricio Pinilla gets tattoo of his near winner against Brazil


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Chilean striker Mauricio Pinilla was inches away from completing the World Cup's most devestating upsets when he blasted a shot off the crossbar in the final minutes of extra time against Brazil. The match went on to a shootout which ended with another Chile miss off the bar, but Pinilla made sure his shot would always be with him in the form of a back tattoo. Yes, a back tattoo.

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It seems that one of Pinilla's first stops after getting eliminated from the World Cup was the tattoo parlor, because pictures have now emerged of his latest body art. The biggest piece is the recreation of his shot hitting the crossbar with the words "One centimeter from glory" written in English underneath it. And though this might seem like a bitter tribute to the cruelty of the metric system, Pinilla also had the words "Blessed" and "For Life" tattooed on his head.

Clearly he's handling his near miss of what would have been a life-changing goal very well.