There was a live chicken on the pitch during Blackburn’s match against Wigan

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

As the memory of the Anfield cat begins to fade, a new animal king of the Premier League emerges: The Blackburn chicken.

Wearing a Blackburn flag as a cape tied to a note that read "out," the proud chicken invaded the pitch early in the first half of Blackburn's fight to avoid relegation against Wigan, halting the match until he was caught in the goal net by Wigan keeper Ali Al Habsi and Blackburn's Yakubu. The fowl was likely released as a protest against Blackburn's unpopular owners, Indian poultry company Venky's.

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And so the age-old question of "Why did the chicken cross the pitch?" finally has an answer: Because he f***ing hates Steve Kean.

Update: Wigan won 1-0 to ensure Blackburn's relegation and just to rub in their rivals' misfortune, Burnley fans commissioned a plane to carry the message of "In Venky's we trust" through the dark skies over Ewood Park -- something Rovers fans have done themselves, albeit with a very different message.

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