Chicharito’s backheel winner against Guatemala

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Guatemala's Carlos Ruiz scored in the fourth minute of their Gold Cup quarterfinal to put Mexico behind for the first time since the start of the tournament. The lead held until Mexico's halftime sub Aldo De Negris equalized in the 48th minute. That was two goals that were somehow not scored by Chicharito.

The only surprising thing about what happened next is that it didn't happen sooner and/or more often. In the 65th minute, Mexican goal machine and smiling enthusiast Chicharito scored what would be the winner. And since scoring from right in front of the goal is far too easy for Chicharito, he did it with a nice little backheel.

That put Mexico in the semifinals and marked just another day in the increasingly successful life of Javier Hernandez.

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