Chicharito is...The Baby Killer

Reader Jose Palacios sent in the image you see above, so I'm going to let him explain just what is going on up there.

Check this out, this was the cover of Record in Mexico City and Guadalajara following Chicharito's game winning goal against Valencia. According to them, the English press has given the great Javier Hernandez, pride of my beloved Goats the nickname "Baby Killer." They're translating "Baby Killer" (which I think we can all assume was meant to be "Killer Baby," which doesn't sound that much better). If you want to go with what they wrote in Spanish it translates to "Child/Boy Assassin." Lastly, I browsed online and saw no mention of this nickname other than him being called "Killer Pea." Anyways, thought you'd find this hilarious and worth mentioning on DT.

Yes, yes I do, Jose.

So Javier Hernandez not only has the delightful "Little Pea" nickname, but since his winning goal against Valencia in the Champions League on Wednesday, a combination of poor translations and mysterious invention (perhaps a misinterpretation of Man United legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's "Baby-Faced Assassin" nickname) have conspired to give him the tag of "Baby Killer" too.

Forget "Chicharito" -- from now on, he is The Baby Killer.