Chicharito almost quit last year over two-year goal drought

Brooks Peck

It's hard to believe now given his late winners in Manchester United's last two matches, his two goals in the World Cup and his general ability to score even when he doesn't feel like it, but there was a time not long ago when Chicharito (aka The Baby Killer) almost quit football because he couldn't score goals. In fact, in early 2009 he was at the tail end of a two-year goal drought that forced Chivas to drop him down to the reserve squad and almost prompted Chicharito to leave the game and become a businessman.

The Sun talked to his father, Javier "El Chicharo" Hernandez Sr., about his period of doubt.

His dad Javier snr was the perfect man to turn to. He played in the 1986 World Cup for Mexico and was known as 'El Chicharo' - or 'The Pea' - due to his green eyes.

And he listened as his boy told him how much he was enjoying his business classes at university and was considering putting all his energy into that.

Hernandez snr recalled: "He doubted he was capable of playing in the First Division.

"We told him he had to be patient, but as a young player he was impatient."

Yet, even his dad had his doubts about Chicharito at one point.

Javier snr said: "I never thought he would make it as a professional. Then he started maturing and, when he was about 15, we saw that change in him.

"When his goal was to become a professional we supported him."

Now he's doing what Wayne Rooney isn't, and for a fraction of the price. I'm sure he will put those business classes to use when it comes to renegotiating his contract, though.

Photo: Reuters

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