Chelsea suspends staff for breaking the Champions League trophy

Dirty Tackle

Chelsea test the structural integrity of the Champions League trophy (Reuters)

Since John Terry single-handedly won the Champions League trophy in May, Chelsea has been extremely careful to safeguard and protect the most prized piece of silverware in European football. And by that, I mean it has passed it around like currency and left it lying around for its staff to damage it.

The Daily Mail reports that three staff members have been temporarily relieved of their duties after "pulling a Sergio Ramos" and breaking the iconic trophy:

Three members of Chelsea's staff have been suspended after the Champions League trophy was damaged.

One of the handles was left hanging off after the three security personnel posed for pictures with the trophy to show off to friends.


Most clubs put the trophy on display in a secure cabinet for supporters to pose for pictures but Chelsea have been passing it around various departments at Stamford Bridge in recognition of the hard work of the club's 400 employees during their Champions League run.

The incident supposedly occurred when the three staff entered the premises after hours and without authority. The trophy was sent for emergency repairs at a London silversmith when the damage was discovered the following day.

Some sources are suggesting the trophy was actually a replica, which implies UEFA knew a club that lets its players set off smoke grenades and shoot interns at the training ground couldn't be trusted with the real thing.