Some Chelsea players called Andre Villas-Boas ‘DVD’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Now that Andre Villas-Boas' brief and confrontational reign at Chelsea has been mercifully end, giving way to the club's resurgence under caretaker manager Roberto Di Matteo, all the little details about how AVB and Chelsea just weren't a good fit for each other are coming out.

According to the London Evening Standard, some in the dressing room came up with a nickname for Villas-Boas, who served as Jose Mourinho's opposition scouting video compiler in his first stint at Chelsea.

[Di Matteo's] predecessor seemed addicted to conflict — not just with the media, whom he perceived were desperate for him to fail — but also with many of the playing staff and even those working for the club's in-house TV channel.

It was no wonder Chelsea looked so fractured and disjointed on the pitch when the atmosphere around the dressing room was far from harmonious.

From his first day in charge, Di Matteo has applied basic man-management skills to heal the wounds caused by the man some referred to as 'DVD'. All the players have been told they have a chance of playing and, significantly, two of their best performers in recent weeks, John Obi Mikel and Salomon Kalou, were previously ignored.

Granted, it's not the meanest nickname ever and I'm sure Villas-Boas is far too busy counting Roman Abramovich's money to even come close to caring, but it does show how doomed he was as the club's manager. But this should give Andre a good idea to start a line of AVB brand blank DVDs for all your media storage needs. They're Portuguese tested and ginger approved.

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