Chelsea made Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle bleed

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Up until the final, the International Champions Cup was just another preseason tournament in America. When it was decided that Real Madrid would play Chelsea in the final, bringing the recently papered over animosity between certain Real Madrid players and former manager Jose Mourinho back to the surface, that carefree dynamic changed a bit. Cristiano Ronaldo played like he had something to prove and Real Madrid went on to beat their old boss 3-1 with some shouts and bluster.

Though Madrid ended up winning rather comfortably and Ronaldo proved his Ronaldoness with two goals, Chelsea didn't go easy on the Portuguese. The fouls added up and by the end of the match, he had a large bullseye of blood seeping through his sock. Of course, this isn't the first sock Ronaldo has bled through, but the last time it happened was in the Champions League. Not a preseason marketing tour.

Bleeding during matches has become an annual occurrence for Ronaldo, though. Last November, he had to leave a match against Levante at halftime because an elbow to face opened up a cut above his eye and temporarily blinded him.

At least he and Gerard Pique have something else in common now.

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