Adidas launch new, unseen Chelsea kit with terrifying images of players drenched in blue paint

Boiling down the annual process of selling a slew of new kits to its "you idiots will buy anything that has your favorite club's badge on it" essence, adidas is launching Chelsea's 2013/14 home kit by proposing fans pre-order it "without seeing it." And to entice this brand of blind consumerism, they've dumped blue paint on half naked Chelsea players to give you the nightmare fuel necessary to drive you to the shops in a cold terror sweat.

Here's the new ad in which John Terry, David Luiz and others get drenched in blue, which the adidas YouTube channel has condescendingly titled "It's blue, what else matters? -- Pre-order: 2013/14 adidas Chelsea FC kit WITHOUT seeing it"...

"Prove your passion for the blues, pre-order the new kit WITHOUT seeing it" the video description reads, as if challenging fans to take the chance of buying a blue shirt made of human feces without knowing it.

Here's the behind the scenes video, which is actually pretty funny...

Sadly, we just don't know whether Tobias Funke blue himself for a chance at a role in this Blue Man Group production too.