Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has a drum jam session with Queen’s Roger Taylor

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Who knew that Chelsea goalkeeper and Queen drummer Roger Taylor were friends?

According to a preview clip from Saturday's episode of Football Focus, the legendary 64-year-old drummer and Blues fan once met the Czech shot stopper on a flight to Lisbon, and they hit it off over their mutual love of percussion.

(Queenofficial YouTube)
(Queenofficial YouTube)

Seeing as Taylor and Brian May will play with just about anyone these days, Cech was invited over to the drummer's house for a jam session.

The Chelsea keeper occasionally plays with popular Cech band Eddie Stoilow. He isn't a terrible drummer, but as you can see from the clip below, he is probably better at stopping a ball going between the sticks than holding them and bashing things:

Cech describes Taylor as "the best drummer in the world." A nice blast of everyone's favorite Bohemian Rhapsody B-side will remind us why he holds that opinion:

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