Chelsea dismiss reserve team player for setting off smoke grenade

A smoke grenade went off in Chelsea's Cobham training complex earlier this month, forcing reserve, youth, and academy team players to be evacuated from the dressing rooms. An internal investigation was launched by the club and now, the Daily Mail reports that two reserve team players have admitted to being behind it.

Chelsea have kicked out midfielder Jacob Mellis after he admitted setting off a smoke grenade and causing a full-scale evacuation at the club's Cobham training ground.

Mellis made his first-team debut in the Champions League last season, but was told he had no future at the club during a disciplinary hearing.

Team-mate Billy Clifford has escaped with a fine after admitting he brought the grenade into the training centre.

Mellis, who joined Chelsea from Sheffield United in a £1 million in 2007 and has 21 England youth team caps at various levels, was likely on his way out from the club anyway. He was on trial at Burnley last week.

Anyway, this still proves that Mellis and Clifford would've been better off blaming the incident on Ashley Cole -- the guy who went unpunished for accidentally shooting an intern with an air rifle last year at Cobham. Which is a place that is apparently just like a Call of Duty game.

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