Chanting Argentina fans have taken over Rio and it is glorious

Fans pose for pictures while on the metro to Maracana Stadium

RIO DE JANEIRO — Spotting the Argentinian fans in Rio hasn’t been difficult — just follow the singing.

Legions of Argentina fans clad in light blue and white have taken over the city, singing, jumping, dancing, hugging and, of course, drinking their way through the streets of Brazil's famous beach city much to the delight of pretty much everyone in their path.

On Sunday, hours before Argentina was set to take on Bosnia and Herzegovina, several fans loaded the metro and made it their very own cheering section. They sang chants that are usually reserved for stadiums and bars and jumped up and down so much that the metro itself began rocking on its rails.

For more than 30 minutes, their voices rang out through the train while onlookers held up camera phones as they were caught up in the fray.

It was about as World Cup as it gets and it was a unique experience for anyone present.

Of course, the joviality didn’t stop on the train. Once the metro unloaded and the fans in the train melded with the ones already in the Maracana station, the chants bounced off the brick walls as everyone ascended into light of the of day and the shadow of the giant Maracana Stadium.

On every corner and every side of the stadium Argentina fans flocked together. They even started another cheering section across the street from the stadium, which caused several camera crews to play Frogger in traffic just to get an up-close shot.

When the game kicks off, there’s no doubt Argentinian fans will be the most dominant, probably taking up about 90 percent of the stadium, and then the world will get to experience — via television — everything that those in Rio have already seen.

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