This is what Cesc Fabregas posted on Twitter after Arsenal’s loss

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Immediately after Arsenal lost 1-0 to Man City in a match in which Samir Nasri was named Man of the Match and Robin van Persie dared to not score, Cesc Fabregas tweeted the above photo of himself with the Club World Cup trophy he won with Barcelona earlier in the day. His only comment paired with the photo:

Of course, Cesc was probably too busy celebrating Barcelona's 4-0 win over Santos in the Club World Cup final -- a tournament so unimportant that even typing out its full name feels like a waste of time -- to realize his former club had just lost a match that put them out of the title race, according to Arsene Wenger. Which means this is just further proof that the universe has enjoyed conspiring to create jokes at Arsenal's expense ever since that Invincibles business.

Cesc Fabregas now has three trophies and eight goals in 12 league matches (with 10 starts) in the few months since he joined Barcelona. He also has ridiculous Cosmo Kramer hair.

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