Cesc Fabregas backs U.S. to reach semifinals

Francesc Fabregas has been focusing most of his energies on today's final group game against Chile, which Spain must win to advance to the last 16. However, the Arsenal-but-probably-soon-to-be-Barcelona star has taken time out from worrying about the plight of the European Champions to sing the praises of the U.S. National Men's Team. He told The Sun:

"The best moment for me at the World Cup so far was that nail biting end when the USA scored in the last minute against Algeria. It was an incredible finale and was the most memorable one for me.

"Everybody is talking about it. That was a great moment and they are a great team.

"We found that out when they beat us in the semi-finals of the Confederation Cup last year.

"So I wasn't surprised at all they finished top of the group. They are fit and strong and dangerous on the counter-attack.

"They have spirit too - they came from two goals down against Slovenia to get a draw and scored in injury time against Algeria to go through. The USA never give up. That's why I believe they can go much further because they fight to the end and work so hard."

Fabregas then highlighted the fact that the U.S. have found themselves in the preferable side of the last 16 draw: instead of facing Germany and then Argentina like England probably will, the path to the semis for the U.S. is likely to consists of matches with Ghana and Uruguay. Hence, the Spaniard believes the Americans can make it to within one game of the World Cup Final:

"I can see them reaching the semi-finals and then who knows what might happen."

If the U.S. make the semi-finals, they would most likely play Brazil in what would be a reenactment of the Confederations Cup Final. However, if Spain finish runner-up in their group and manage to turn on the magic against the Samba boys in the Round of 16 game, Senor Fabregas' Spain could find themselves up against the Stars and Stripes in the semis. And we all know what happened the last time the two teams met in the semi-final of a major competition...

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