Celtic offer to replace Christmas gifts stolen from London children’s hospital

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

London police are investigation the theft of 20 wrapped Christmas presents stolen from a non-public area of the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (which was represented in the London Olympics' opening ceremony). It sounds like the work of The Grinch, yet only a real-life actual horrible person (or persons) would be capable of stealing gifts intended for sick kids. But along with Lord Alan Sugar and several electronics stores, Celtic have offered to replace the gifts, which included portable DVD players, DVDs and Nintendo DS systems which were purchased by the hospital's charity fund.

From Celtic's website:

A club spokesperson said: "I'm sure everyone will have been shocked by the news, and we are only too happy to help where we can in replacing these presents for the children. Like everyone else, we're delighted to support the fantastic work the hospital do."

It's a nice resolution to a twisted situation and an equally nice bit of PR for the Glasgow club already enjoying a great year on the back of beating Barcelona and reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League. Surely the club's holiday season generosity will bring another tear to Rod Stewart's eye.

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