Celtic and Juventus supporters trade scarves, show that opposing fans can be nice to each other

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Juventus completed their dismantling of Celtic's Champions League's hopes by winning the second leg of their round of 16 tie 2-0 and advancing to the quarterfinals on a 5-0 aggregate score. It was a painful experience for Celtic fans -- a few of which had a cry after the first leg -- but it didn't prevent the two sets of supporters from showing each other a bit of respect and camaraderie.

During the second leg at Juventus Stadium, TV cameras spotted a Juve supporter and a Celtic supporter each flopping their respective club scarves over the plexiglass partition between them. Once the swap was completed, they each put a hand on the divider, waved goodbye and went on their way. They didn't threaten each other's lives, attempt physical violence or engage in racism/homophobia. They just added to an experience at a sporting event with a friendly exchange.

A similar interaction actually played out after the first leg in Glasgow, as well. There, the two sets of supporters tossed their scarves over the heads of the stewards and cops separating them and then the Juve section sang Celtic's name. Here's video...

Football can be fun. (If you want it.)

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