Celtic fans demand ‘justice for zombies’ after being charged for banner

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Celtic were charged by the Scottish Football Association last week for a banner fans brought to a preseason friendly against Norwich in July that the club failed to remove. The banner depicted the de-evolution, death, rise from the grave and zombification of Rangers (image below). The main problem with the banner, however, was the final image of a soldier shooting the Rangers zombie.

So following the charges that, according to the Daily Record, leave Celtic accused of four separate violations ("allowing the banner into the ground, letting it be displayed, not removing it and letting the banner be unfurled for a second time without taking action"), Celtic fans expressed their disagreement with the SFA during Saturday's 2-0 win against Dundee.

One banner read "justice for zombies" while another said "Celtic fans against the undead!" Niether is likely to have an impact on the club's potential punishment, but all of this could serve as an excellent viral marketing campaign for The Walking Dead.

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