Celtic beating Barcelona made Rod Stewart cry tears of joy

A day after celebrating their 125th anniversary, Celtic earned what is being hailed as one of the club's greatest-ever victories in a 2-1 Champions League win against Barcelona. The occasion proved to be all too much for long-time Celtic supporter Rod Stewart to handle and after the final whistle blew, he wiped up tears of joy as he watched from the stands.

The 67-year-old singer is such a big fan of Celtic that he even mentioned them in his 1977 song "You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)" along with Manchester United, one of his other favorites. "You're Celtic, United, but baby I've decided," the song goes. "You're the best team I've ever seen." And though Barcelona finished behind Real Madrid in La Liga and lost to Chelsea in the Champions League semifinals last season, it's still praised as one of the best teams some have ever seen as it's won seven major trophies in the last three years and remain undefeated in domestic play so far this season.

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Celtic got out to an early 1-0 lead in its previous group match against Barcelona before losing 2-1 on a Jordi Alba goal in added time. This time, Barca maintained a whopping 84 percent of possession and had an injury-time goal from Leo Messi, but Celtic still managed to hold on. And now Rod Stewart's face is damp with appreciation.

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