Catalonia reveal hideous new shirts, Johan Cruyff does not look impressed

Dirty Tackle

Cruyff's eyes, forever unclean! (

The fight for Catalonian independence may have taken a serious blow this week as the Catalonia Football Federation revealed a brand-new strip which is, well... just look at it.

The new shirts — designed by renowned designer of fashionable things Custo Dalmau — are said to be inspired by the fire of the dragon that was slain by Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia. However, they look more like someone committed a massacre in a fishpond. Possibly Pepe.

La Selecció Catalana head coach Johan Cruyff looks suitably baffled by the new shirts, which have been manufactured by Spanish sportswear brand Astore (whose website contains a superbly translated tale about the bird of prey which inspires their logo). By all accounts, it's a step down in aesthetic quality from their previous strip.

So many excited Catalan faces... (@BeardEric)

Since Catalonia is a regional team that is recognised by neither FIFA nor UEFA, the Spaniards tend only to play friendlies against national and club sides.  Which means this kit will only be worn up to three times per year. Such a shame.

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