Carlos Tevez says he thought Serie A would be easy, now thinks it’s the most difficult

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

While the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga have all risen in popularity over recent years, Serie A has been hindered by stereotypes and misconceptions about the league's style of play. Apparently these misconceptions aren't limited to the general public either.

Carlos Tevez, who moved from Manchester City to Juventus over the summer, admits that he believed the unflattering reputation of Italian football (yet still decided to take part anyway). But now he realizes the preconceptions held by far too many people couldn't be further from the truth.

From ESPN:

“I can tell you what I thought about Italian football,” he told Hurra Juventus. “I thought that nobody ran, that the game was slow, that it was easy. Now I can say that is not the case!

“I think this is the most difficult type of football that I have ever played in. Many of the small details are looked at. We work really hard on a physical and tactical level. I think it is the exact opposite to what I imagined.”

Tevez has already adapted well after seven years in the Premier League, scoring four goals in his first nine appearances for Juve and not once refusing to come off the bench, disappearing to play golf in Argentina or demanding transfers. Yet.

The lesson here? You should watch more Serie A.

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