Carlos Tevez’s debut as a British Open caddy didn’t go so well

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When Carlos Tevez took his unapproved mid-season sabbatical from Man City last season, he spent his time playing golf. He even won a pro-am tournament with fellow Argentine and 2008 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Andres Romero. And after spending all that quality time together, the two seem to have formed a friendship because for the final round of the 2012 British Open, Romero let Tevez serve as his caddy.

So how did Romero do with Tevez on his bag? Not so great. With four double bogeys and just one birdie on the day, Romero shot an 82 for what was easily his worst round of the week to finish last among the 83 players to make the cut. With Tevez just spectating on Saturday, he shot a 77 after being 1-under par through the first two days.

After the round, Tevez admitted to not being very helpful (via The Sun):

"It was good to enjoy the last day with him. This was the dream of everybody who plays golf. It was my first Major!"

"It was difficult to carry the bag because it weighed so much but it was fine.

"I couldn't give any advice about the slopes but I just carried the bag and supported him each hole.

"Andres is a professional and he knows everything already. We worked together very well."

Except for that whole score thing.

You can't blame Romero's misfortune all on Tevez, though. In 2007, he led the tournament with just two holes to play before finishing third. Still, it probably didn't help when Romero asked Tevez to clean the same club twice and Tevez refused before walking off.*

*This didn't actually happen.

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