Carles Puyol has his face stapled in the middle of a Barcelona game

Barcelona put the pressure on La Liga leaders Madrid this weekend by coming back from behind to smash 4 past Real Zaragoza in their own back yard. During the match, goalscorer Carles Puyol received a blow to the head, which required medical attention.

The shaggy-haired defender is completely unfazed as the club doctor inserts a metal staple into his face to close a wound — he's so impatient that he almost grabs the stapler and does it himself — and afterwards jumps up like a unperturbed honey badger with cobra venom coursing through it's veins.

As a general rule, it's not socially acceptable to post images of foreign objects that have been inside your body, but Puyol made an exception with a picture of the staple on his Twitter:

Puyol don't do Band-Aids (@Carles5Puyol)
Puyol don't do Band-Aids (@Carles5Puyol)

Yeah, that's pretty gross.