Burnley manager answers journalist's phone during post-match press conference

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Comfortably nestled into second place in the Championship, Burnley manager Sean Dyche was in a good mood after Saturday's 2-1 win over Leeds. So when a journalist's phone, which was being used as a recording device at his post-match press conference, started to ring, Dyche decided to answer it and have a little chat with whoever was calling.

"That's a fine if someone's phone is ringing," Dyche said as he scanned the table for the offending device. Upon answering it, he introduced himself to the caller, who happened to be the father of Fulham's Kieran Richardson, explained the situation and asked, "You going out tonight? A few beers or what?" He then offered his stamp of approval on the plans, handed the phone back to its owner and ended the press conference.

Dyche has a reputation for being the no-nonsense type, but as he shows here, he definitely has a little nonsense in him.

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