Bundesliga midfielder hit with roll of paper, acts like he’s been shot

Dirty Tackle

If St. Pauli are playing, there's a pretty good chance stuff will get thrown onto the pitch. Back in April, fans of the then first division side donated a full cup of beer, coins and lighters to a linesman to get a match with Schalke abandoned, and their fierce rivals Hansa Rostock made it rain bananas at a game last month.

During last night's 2. Bundesliga match with Eintracht Frankfurt, the missile of choice was a "kassenrollen" — a small roll of paper from a cash register. The man to get in the way of its trajectory was Swiss midfielder Pirmin Schwegler, who hit the deck with a little too much vigor considering he'd been struck with paper.

A little embarrassed with his amateur dramatics, Schwegler sheepishly blamed shock for his reaction in a post-match interview:

"The object was not hard, it just came as a surprise. I feel fine. It's just sad [that these things happen]. The St. Pauli fans are actually really nice and make a great atmosphere."

To be fair, a cash register roll could probably hurt when thrown from distance, but the fact that the injury didn't even require a bandage or dressing suggests that someone needs a nice hot cup of MTFU.

H/T: 101GG

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