A bunch of fans wearing Mesut Ozil shirts were ‘a part of Arsenal history’ by posing for a picture together

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Arsenal club record signing Mesut Ozil has made an immediate impact both on the pitch and in the hearts of everyone at the Emirates. In the midst of this frenzied new love affair, Arsenal decided to mark the German midfielders home debut by having a group of fans wearing their new Ozil shirts pose for a picture together outside the club shop (where you can buy Ozil shirts by the dozens!) before Sunday's match against Stoke.

"Be a part of Arsenal history," the club's website declared in their call for models before noting that any fans who show up wearing a non-Ozil shirt cannot join the photo. But as you can see below, that rule wasn't really enforced.

And so, much like Andre Santos, that photo will forever be a part of Arsenal history.

Ozil went on to set up all three goals and spark euphoric trembles throughout bodies that have forgotten such pleasures in the 3-1 win over Stoke.

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