Builders do poor job of hiding Portsmouth shirt within walls of new Southampton training ground

Dirty Tackle

Southampton are in the process of upgrading their much-admired Staplewood training facility, apparently employing the services of several builders who prefer local rivals Portsmouth for their football supporting needs.

Much like the rogue construction workers who famously buried a Boston Red Sox jersey under the new Yankee stadium, some laborers conspired to bury a Pompey shirt within the walls of the Saints' new two-storey pavilion.

DT is no expert in the art of cursing a local rival via the medium of hidden garments, but concealing it in a flimsy dry wall which can be very easily torn down doesn't seem as effective as, say, burying it in the foundations where it might take a great deal of time and expense to remove. Also, posting video online almost immediately after committing the prank to show the exact location of the shirt — and identity of at least one of your co-conspirators — seems a little misguided too.

Video H/T: 101GG

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