This is bubble football, or: People smashing into each other while wearing bubbles

From the Norwegian TV show that brought you electroshock football comes another, slightly less painful new twist on the world's game: bubble football. Even if you hate the sport and like bubbles even less, there's a good chance you'll enjoy the cartoonish qualities of bubble football.

Though there's a ball and two goals, by fitting each player on two teams -- Sarpsborg 08 and Fredrikstad -- with a clear plastic bubble that fits over their entire upper body the game quickly turns into a sort of high-speed sumo wrestling as the participants decide that smashing into each other is endlessly delightful.

Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad of the Golden Goals show observe play their creation with the two teams while bubble bodies engage in cushioned violence that sends them bouncing off the turf while their legs flail out of the bottom.

In the end, Fredrikstad (the team in white/red) won the match 2-1. The winners rejoice and then everyone goes home to take aspirin.

Spotted on Eurosport