Bristol Rovers apologize for wrongly announcing death of their kit man

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

League Two club Bristol Rovers have issued an apology for wrongly reporting that their kit man of more than 10 years, Roger Harding, had died after battling illness. According to the BBC, the club's initial report angered fans. On Sunday, Bristol Rovers published the apology on their official website. Here it is in full:

The club would like to apologise for our earlier story that kit man Roger Harding has passed away.

We were informed that Roger had passed away on Friday, but it turns out this information was not correct, and although Roger is very ill, he is still bravely fighting for his life.

Roger is a very important part of Bristol Rovers and our thoughts are with his family and friends at he continues his battle.

We apologise again for any hurt our previous statement has caused.

Best wishes to Mr. Harding. And hopefully Rovers can double check their information before the next time they announce the death of an employee.

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