Brendan Rodgers tells 9-year-old interviewer that Luis Suarez is Liverpool’s ‘naughtiest’ player

Dirty Tackle

At any given point, Brendan Rodgers is only an impromptu acoustic guitar ballad away from completely turning into David Brent. Nowhere is this more obvious than the latest episode of Liverpool FC's whacky online series 'Kop Kids', in which the manager is interviewed by a nine-year-old fan.

To be fair, Brent-an is a very good sport in the interview, in which he admits the that Luis Suarez is his "naughtiest" player. This will surprise absolutely no one, but seeing as the Uruguayan is very unhappy with his victimization in the English-speaking media, it may not have been the most diplomatic thing for his own manager to say on camera.

He is most stumped by the question: "If I gave you £5, what would you buy and why?" After mulling it over, he jokingly quips that he would save the money. But of course, all the adults watching know that when Rodgers is given some cash, his favorite thing to do is waste it on Joe Allen.

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