Brazilian Ronaldo hopes Man Utd ‘lose every single game’ after Alex Ferguson calls him fat

Dirty Tackle

With two high-profile players named 'Ronaldo' in the game in recent years, adjectival terms are often applied to distinguish them. To differentiate the World Cup-winning Ronaldo from Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, some may refer to him as 'Brazilian Ronaldo', 'Retired Ronaldo' or 'Transvestite prostitute Ronaldo'.

In a recent interview, Sir Alex Ferguson provoked ire from the three-time FIFA Player of the Year by referring to him as "the fatter one."

In response, the upset Brazilian said:

"I haven't placed any jinx, Real Madrid shuts his mouth for me.

"But I think it was a lack of respect. A very experienced football professional honored with the title of 'Sir' in England spoke such words as a lack of respect to me. I thought this was not polite.

"I have no more words for this gentleman except that I hope his team lose every single game they play."

Ronaldo is quite right to say such an insult is not befitting of a Knight of the Realm — it's certainly not something you would expect to hear from other knighted gentleman like Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Anthony Hopkins or Carolina Panthers mascot Sir Purr. Plus, now that Ronaldo has worked hard to overcome a thyroid problem, the tubby taunts are no longer valid.

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