Brazilian match delayed as swarm of bees gather on the crossbar

Bees maybe very useful for pollination and the production of honey, but when it comes to football matches — and terrible M. Night Shyamalan movies — they're complete jerks. Thousands of the tiny idiots made everyone hit the deck at this game, while a swarm of angry black and yellow party poopers caused a similar kerfuffle here.

Saturday's match between Brazilian Campeonato Paulista sides Ponte Preta and Atletico Sorocaba was delayed when a swarm descended on one of the crossbars at the Moisés Lucarelli stadium.

When Ponte Preta club officials failed to adequately disperse the insects with the completely humane solution of burning them alive, they took the natural step of calling the fire department. After that, bee keepers were summoned to skilfully scoop the remaining critters into a black trash bag, before spraying the area with what appeared to be a fire extinguisher full of chemicals that bees really hate.

The bee-based nuisance caused a 15 minute delay, after which Ponte Preta won 2-1.


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