Brazilian footballer scuffs shot into the sky, is surprised to learn he scored

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In a turn of events that will give any player who takes a horrible shot a bit of hope, a striker for Brazilian third-division club Crac learned that you should never turn your back on a ball in mid-air.

With his side already up 2-0 in a Copa do Brasil match against first-division side Nautico, Danilo lost his balance and flubbed a shot into the night sky. Angry about his miscue, immediately turned and jogged back up the pitch under the assumption that the ball would go into the stands. Instead, it came down at a steep angle and snuck between the goalkeeper's outstretched hand the crossbar to go in for a goal.

Danilo finally turned back around to find his teammates celebrating and put together what happened, turning his anguish into a smile. Surely he will now claim that the shot came off exactly how he planned it.

Video via 101gg

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