Brazilian footballer gets 'bite of luck' from dog pitch invader

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When a dog interrupted a recent match in Argentina, it got a belly rub and calmly let one of the players carry it off like a fur baby. But the dog that interrupted a Brazilian regional cup match last weekend was a bit more fiesty.

Sao Paulo-RS player Eduardo Mandai (also known as Dudu) volunteered to pick up the dog and carry it off the pitch when it halted play with his side down 2-1 to Farroupilha. However, the dog did not appreciate this mode of transportation and bit Dudu for his effort. Dudu responded by slapping the dog before leaving him just beyond the touchline.

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In the second half, Sao Paulo-RS mounted a comeback and Dudu ended up scoring the winner, putting his side in the tournament's semifinals. He later declared his run-in with the dog the "bite of luck" on his social media accounts.

"When the dog does it, it's 'good luck' and everyone laughs, but when I do it, it's awful — what a ridiculous double standard," said Luis Suarez (probably).

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