This is the new Brazilian football federation president stealing a winner’s medal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

As Brazil tries to keep up with its 2014 World Cup preparations, aging tyrant Ricardo Teixeira has resigned from his posts as president of the country's football federation and World Cup organizing committee due to health reasons (and yet another corruption scandal). And his resignation letter was just as humble as you would expect from a FIFA Executive Committee member.

From the AP:

"I leave the presidency of the CBF (national federation) permanently with the sense of mission accomplished," Teixeira wrote in the letter. "It's not easy to preside passion. Football in our country is associated with two things: talent and disorganization. When we win, talent is praised. When we lose, it's about disorganization. I did what was within my reach, sacrificing my health. I was criticized in the losses and undervalued in the victories."

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Don't worry, since Brazil is already busy with World Cup-related construction projects, Teixeira has gone ahead and built several monuments to himself in his own mind.

But while a man with nearly two decades of corruption scandals to his credit won't be missed, his successor, Jose Maria Marin, seems a bit less subtle in his grifting. A former footballer and politician in Sao Paulo, Marin was caught pocketing a winner's medal intended for Sao Paulo Juniors Cup winners Corinthians, leaving their goalkeeper without one back in January. Marin has denied stealing the medal. He probably also claims to be mistaken for Brad Pitt all the time.

Video via The Fiver

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