Brazilian defender lays down behind wall to attempt to block low free kick

Figueirense hosted Palmeiras in the Brazilian Campeonato Série B on Saturday, with the home side continuing their quest to gain promotion back into the top flight after dropping last season.

In order to improve the defence that earned relegation in 2012, Figueirense coach Adílson Batista seems to be thinking outside of the box — quite literally.

When Palmeiras' Chilean free kick specialist Jorge Valdívia attempted to put away a set piece, Figueirense put six defenders in the wall, including one who laid down to prevent a low-flying shot from getting through. Although the horizontal defender proved utterly unnecessary, the wall successfully dealt with the dead ball situation. Sadly, the Figueirense defence wasn't quite as effective during the rest of the game, as they lost 3-2, with a winner from coming from Valdívia.

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