This is a Brazilian Chelsea fan who named his son ‘Leandro Lampard’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With the England team in Rio to play Brazil on Sunday, FA TV met a Chelsea fan who brought his one-year-old son to see members of the squad at an appearance on Friday. So far so normal, but the unusual part is that the man named his son Leandro Lampard Martins Guedes.

The man said that he doesn't support any club in Brazil and decided to name his son after Chelsea's all-time leading scorer Frank Lampard since he was born the day Chelsea knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League semifinals on their way to becoming champions of Europe last year. He also calls his backyard Stamford Bridge.

And now, here's Roy Hodgson, Theo Walcott and Joe Hart pumping out some sweet samba sounds...

These are the results of mixing England with Brazil.

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