Brazil is taking no pleasure in seeing Argentina lose

Brooks Peck

When Brazil crashed out of the World Cup on Friday, some people may have thought that, as a nation, they would root extra hard against their neighbors and footballing rivals, Argentina. But that's just silly. I mean, why would Brazil care about Argentina possibly making it farther than them in one piddly little World Cup when they've got five trophies already glistening in the display case?

They probably didn't even bother to watch Argentina's game against Germany. They're way too busy making arrangements for their 2014 hosting duties to even give Germany's 4-0 thumping of Maradona and Argentina a sliver of their attention. Plus it's the weekend, so I'm sure everyone had errands to run and new shelves to put up. You know, just way too busy to even notice.

Oh wait. Nevermind.

Image: The frontpage of one of Brazil's largest websites,

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