Brazil not interested in Pep Guardiola because he’s not Brazilian

Following the dismissal of unpopular Brazil manager Mano Menezes last week, former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola was widely rumored to be the top candidate (as he is for every job in world football) to replace him. Though there were reports that Guardiola was immediately interested in the position and would end his time away from the game "tomorrow" to take it (update: there's a good chance this was made up), Brazil FA president Jose Marin has dared to reject the Golden Pep (and every other foreign manager).

From Sky Sports:

"There is a very little chance it will be a foreign coach. We have won five World Cups with Brazilian coaches and I don't think it will be necessary," Marin told Terra.

Many would argue that it's even more important for Brazil to have a homegrown manager now since they will be hosting the next World Cup, but that might actually be a good reason not to have a Brazilian gaffer. A foreign coach wouldn't have the added pressure of doing his job in front of his impatient countrymen.

Then again, this debate might have been mooted by Roman Abramovich paying the Brazilian FA to back off Guardiola.