Brazil’s Fred thinks he has to ‘kill a lion every day’ to make World Cup squad

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Brazil striker Fred had an outstanding Confederations Cup earlier this summer, helping the host nation win the title and taking the Silver Boot award for himself by scoring five goals. Given that, you would expect him to be confident in his chances of making the 2014 World Cup squad. But he seems a bit confused as to what it requires to confirm his spot on the team.


“Of course, the closer the World Cup gets, the more the anxiety rises," Fred told Goal. "I’m very happy to have been part of this winning group at the Confeds, but I know I have to kill a lion every day and continue to prove that I deserve a spot in the Brazil team for the next 10 months."

That's...a lot of lions.

Assuming he doesn't get arrested for animal cruelty first, Brazil manager Phil Scolari will almost certainly give him a spot on the team because a man who kills a lion everyday over the course of 10 months is nothing to mess with. Also, Neymar better watch out...