Brazil fan breaks a TV while celebrating Julio Cesar shootout save

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

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The penalty shootout between Brazil and Chile was an emotionally ravaging event — even for people with no rooting interest in the match. So fans of the two participating fans couldn't be held accountable for the ways in which they released their extreme levels of nervous tension. Except for the guy in the video above. Because what he did was really dumb.

After Brazil keeper Julio Cesar saved a second consecutive shot to deny Chile's Alexis Sanchez and preserve Brazil's lead, Brazil fans everywhere rejoiced at this incredible turn of events — including the three in the video above. After jumping around a bit, the guy in blue decided to hug the television. But when a disappointed Sanchez appeared on the screen, this volcano of feelings slapped the TV. This broke the screen, leaving Sanchez's cracked image stuck there as the shootout carried on.

The video ends there, but the shootout took a few more dramatic twists before Gonzalo Jara hit the post with the final shot to give Brazil the win.

World Cup lesson of the day: Don't slap your television.

Video via Bola nas Costas