Brave Swedish goalkeeper deals with backpass by nutmegging approaching striker

Dirty Tackle

BK Häcken goalkeeper Christoffer Kallqvist was put under pressure by a backpass from one of his own players during Sunday's Swedish Allsvenskan league match with Mjällby AIF.

Rather than hoof the ball away like most shot stoppers in this high-pressure situation, Kallqvist decides to control it and take on approaching striker Marcus Ekenberg. The risky decision paid dividends when the keeper pulled off an outrageous nutmeg (i.e. he put the ball between his opponent's legs) with his left foot, before clearing it to safety. He even earned a smile and a high five from the humiliated striker for his efforts.

One can only imagine that Ekenburg was distracted by the sound of the goalkeeper's huge titanium cojones clanging together as he pulled of this potentially suicidal manoeuvre.

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