Borussia Dortmund put together video welcoming opponents to Champions League’s ‘hottest’ group

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It seems that losing last season's Champions League final to Bayern Munich did little to curtail the club's brilliant marketing around the competition. To celebrate their inclusion in one of the most difficult groups, the club put together a video welcoming their formidable opponents to "Europe's hottest group." I guess they felt using the term "group of death" would be too morbid.

In the video, Dortmund players welcome each of the club's three opponents — Arsenal, Napoli and Marseille — in their native languages before a montage of their opponents past successes is shown. The video then takes a BVB-centric turn and concludes by urging, "Let's play beautiful." And that's when Arsene Wenger shivered with delight while watching.

Champions League group F kicks off on Wednesday. This video should make you realize how excited you should be about that.

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