Borussia Dortmund leave for airport without player who scored winning goal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Borussia Dortmund advanced to the DFB Pokal final by ending 120 minutes of scoreless play against 2. Bundesliga leaders Greuther Furth with a freak goal from 21-year-old midfielder Ilkay Gundogan. The shot bounced off the post, off the goalkeeper's back and into the net (video here) to make Gundogan the hero for Dortmund.

After the match, Gundogan was the one all the journalists wanted to talk to, but while he dutifully answered their questions, Borussia Dortmund's bus left for the airport without him. So when he exited the stadium with his bag packed and his Beats around his neck, he realized he had been abandoned (Bild has video if you enjoy watching people wait for a bus).

From Bild:

There was still a happy ending - just as an employee of the losing Furth offered to drive him to the airport, the bus was approached on the horizon.

Escorted by police, the driver returned to collect the scorer.

A conciliatory gesture: his teammates applauded, as Gundogan was finally able to get on.

As mildly inconvenient as all this was for Gundogan, it was the man he scored against (and off of) who had the worst night of all. Standing 6-foot-6, Furth backup goalkeeper Jasmin Fezjic was brought into the match in the 118th minute specifically to take up space during the impending penalty shootout. But before it came to that, Gundogan and the post bounced the ball off his back to end the match and Furth's cup run.

If Furth's bus left without him, it was probably on purpose.

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