Borussia Dortmund fans threw bananas at Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer

During Borussia Dortmund's title-deciding match against second-place Bayern Munich, the home fans sitting behind visiting goalkeeper Manuel Neuer heaved a steady stream of bananas at him. Though he tried to ignore it, even Neuer -- who used to play for Dortmund rivals Schalke -- couldn't help but smile at the odd scene (video here).

There have been a number of racial incidents where Russian fans have thrown bananas at black footballers this season, but this is slightly different. Neuer's banana storm was apparently a call back to when Dortmund fans used to give the same treatment to former Bayern keeper Oliver Kahn, who was nicknamed "Apeman" because he was "always in danger of tripping over his own hands" (video here).

So now the tradition continues with a new generation. But when Dotmund virtually sealed another Bundesliga title with a 77th minute goal from Robert Lewandowski and an 85th minute penalty miss from Bayern's Arjen Robben, the fans couldn't celebrate with a healthy dose of potassium because they already chucked all those bananas. Wasteful.