Bookmaker puts odds on David Beckham’s new MLS club being named ‘Miami Metrosexuals’ at 20-1

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

David Beckham has now formally announced his intent to bring a new MLS club to Miami, but the small matters of where the team will play, when it will join the league and what it will be called remain a mystery. And people who bet on things wouldn't have it any other way.

Betfair Sportsbook has taken a crack at setting odds on potential names for Beckham's new club, with Miami Beckham United the favorite at 3-1 and Miami Metrosexuals at 20-1. Because it's apparently still 2002. Here's a list of names they came up with the odds they attached:

Miami Beckham United 3-1
Miami Tropics (a name previously used by defunct basketball and American football teams) 6-1
Miami Fusion (the name of the first MLS club in South Florida that only lasted from 1998-2001) 7-1
Miami Matadors (the name of a defunct ice hockey team) 10-1
Beckham FC 12-1
Miami Gatos (the name of an NASL club that later became the Fort Lauderdale Strikers) 16-1
Miami Metrosexuals 20-1
Miami Maestros 22-1

And worth a punt at 1000-1 is Miamchester United — a combination of Beckham's new city and his beloved Manchester United.

All of those potential names seem unlikely despite the odds, but a recent Twitter brainstorming session held by Howler Magazine (subscribe today! I write for them too!) produced some strong ideas. Like Miami Manatees, Miami Vice/Spice, and my personal favorite: Miami Snorkeldorks. I have no idea what it means, but it just has a bankable ring to it.

Feel free to give David your ideas in the comments.

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