Bolton mascot crashes Fabrice Muamba’s emotional to return to Reebok Stadium

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Fabrice Muamba was moved to tears when he appeared on the pitch at Bolton's Reebok Stadium before their match against Spurs. It was six weeks ago that Muamba collapsed on the pitch after suffering a cardiac arrest at White Hart Lane during an FA Cup match against Spurs. He was "in effect" dead for 78 minutes, but made an improbable recovery and was released from the hospital on April 16.

He told Sky Sports after fans chanted his name when he made his appearance:

"I wish I was playing today, obviously my circumstances are not helping at the moment but I'm sure the boys will go out and give their best today."

Muamba added: "This is a special place, the support has been overwhelming and I am just grateful for that.

"I am okay, I am getting stronger every day. I am happy to be back I am just happy to be able to speak to people again and walk freely.

"I am very happy and very excited for today's game and I am happy that I came today."

It was a beautiful moment. And then Lofty the Lion moved in...

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